The XML API makes it simple to integrate legacy systems with our SMS Gateway. It provides excellent interoperability amongst heterogeneous systems because it is language independent.

Why choose XML?

  • Supports text, Unicode, binary SMS and flash messaging.

  • Supports extended length messages.

  • Converts ringtones and logos into the correct format.

  • Use our VCard and VCal converters.

  • Delivery acknowledgement and Sender ID can be set up.

  • Gateway escalation: Should the message be delayed for a predefined length of time, it can be escalated to an alternative delivery gateway. Queuing lets you specify up to 3 prioritized queues which your messages can be sent out on.

  • Specify a delay of up to 7 days when sending messages.

  • Batch sending is available.

  • Two-way messaging is not a feature of XML but you can make use of HTTP, FTP or SMPP to receive incoming messages.

The XML API is ideal for:

Using SMS to streamline your business processes and improve general productivity within your organization.