Binary SMS Messaging

What is a Binary SMS

A binary message is an XML-formatted text SMS that has been transformed into binary characters or bytes. A binary message can also be flagged as binary format or one can add a UDH (User Date Header) at the beginning of the message.

A binary message can be used to send rich-content messages such as images and ring tones via a "binary SMS gateway". If you are using a UDH header the maximum message length is 140 bytes.

A WAP push is a popular example of a binary PDU or Protocol Data Unit, where the SMS message is pushed to a application or display a message in the foreground without any user action.

How to Send a Binary SMS

  • If this parameter is set to 1, the parameter will force message data to be handled as binary (8-bit) data.
  • Normally, the API will only treat a message as 8-bit depending on what values has been set in your UDH data.
  • To ensure that your message is sent as 8-bit, this parameter can be used. This can also be used when you have no UDH data with a hex string.

Values set are:




Off (default)


On – forces message data 8-bit data

Binary Message Example usage: